What is the lifespan of a carpet?

There is no single answer in response to the lifespan of a carpet because each product is different and offers different benefits and characteristics. When you choose specific carpeting, we can better answer this question, but until then, we will give you some facts about carpet lifespan in today's post.

Your carpeting lifespan

There are many different choices for carpet selection, and many will cater specifically to your preferences or requirements. For instance, a wealth of fiber options mean you get to choose one that fits your need for durability, especially for active and high-traffic areas.

The more durable the carpet, the longer the lifespan, so choosing something that lasts is imperative if you want a lasting material. High-end nylon flooring with a low pile, high twist, and built-in stain protection, for instance, is one of the best choices for any space but provides specific benefits to homes with children, pets, or both.

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Our carpet store is a great place to find carpeting

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